About UTS

Hey There!

Thanks again for visiting our website. We hope that you’ve found all of the information you need (if you didn’t, please don’t hesitate to contact us). On this page, we’ve included some background information about how we started and what we plan to do with Ultimate Tree Service.

Where We Started

Our company founders, Sal and Fran, originally started working with wood as furniture builders. Their whole concept for building furniture was not to make anything fancy, but to make furniture that was sturdy and functional. In doing so, they began to acquire wood from many of the hardwood forests in the region.

The furniture company began to use recycled wood from a local tree service. This service then went under and Sal and Fran got the opportunity to buy it out.

In this way, they were thrust into the arbor care business. They never looked back.

Where We’re Going

After doing tree service for ten years, we are happy to say that we are looking forward to an even better ten years ahead of us. We’ve been acquiring more staff who are highly specialized to bring you better service than ever before.

While it is true that we are growing, we want to stay a small company at heart. We’re still committed to bringing you friendly service like the good community neighbors that Fran and Sal have been for years.

Thanks again for a great first ten years! Here’s to another ten that are (hopefully) even better!